One of the most important parts of remodeling a kitchen or bathroom is choosing the material for your countertop. Different natural stones come in different colors and texture, and each has its own unique look and feel. These include granite, marble, and quartz. Out of many options, granite remains one of the most popular choices for countertops due to its durability and the array of colors and patterns it comes in. One of the most unique and visually stunning is black granite. Although it is not a traditional choice, black granite can provide a powerful, dramatic presence in the right kitchen or bathroom to give it a modern feel. There are many benefits of black granite countertops, and it may be the right choice for you and your kitchen. Jensen Interiors, Inc. specializes in home construction and remodeling projects and installs granite countertops Orlando residents love. Call us today to schedule a consultation or get a quote!


Why Black Granite?


Black granite holds many unique qualities. There are several varieties of this stone, and the most commonly used are absolute black and black pearl. Both varieties of black granite are shipped from India. Absolute black granite is jet black and consistent with the color and texture, while black pearl has flecks of silver mica and dark grey in the coloring. Black granite can be an avant garde choice for your kitchen or bathroom. Jensen Interiors, Inc. installs black granite countertops Orlando residents love. We successfully incorporate black granite into your remodel to give your kitchen and bathroom spaces a unique look and feel. One of the major pros of black granite is that it can create a sense of depth from drawing the eye and visually create more space in your kitchen. Because black granite lacks color, it emphasizes the other colors present in your kitchen or bathroom design. Black pearl granite also has an added benefit of the silver mica contrasting in the black stone, adding an effect of stars in the night sky. Ultimately, however, the type of granite you choose is a personal matter, and if you’re looking for uniqueness and to add depth to your kitchen, black granite is a great option.


Maintenance of Black Granite Countertops


Granite countertops in general require little maintenance, but there are some steps you should take. Black granite hides spills and stains, but also requires regular cleaning. You want to preserve the stone’s natural shine and sanitation through simply cleaning the countertops with water and mild soap. Avoid abrasive cleaners and scrubbers that can create scratches when cleaning. Granite countertops are a classic choice, and you can add a modern twist by choosing black granite.


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Your kitchen and bathrooms are places in your house that you will probably spend a lot of time. Create a beautiful space that you can cook, socialize, and entertain comfortably in. Black granite countertops are a unique take on classic granite countertops that can add depth and interest to your kitchen or bathroom. Jensen Interiors, Inc. installs black granite countertops Orlando residents love. We specialize in home remodeling and construction. Call us today to get your dream kitchen started!