Ever dream of owning the perfect outdoor kitchen? It is where families and friends come together to create meals and make memories outdoors. An essential part of an outdoor kitchen is the countertops. Without proper counters, you literally don’t have anything to work with. At Jensen Interiors, we specialize in residential and commercial construction. We custom build outdoor kitchen granite countertops Orlando resident can be proud of.


You Need An Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a place outside of the house where one can cook, prepare a meal, and easily clean up afterward. There is some heating element to the area, such as a stove, a cooktop, a grill, or even a pizza oven. Think of a literal kitchen, just outside.


Since Summer is practically upon us, this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of barbeques and outdoor parties. School’s out, and your extended family is sure to make a pit stop on their way to Disney World. Why not use this as an opportunity to show them your brand new outdoor kitchen equipped with granite countertops.


We Build Outdoor Kitchen Quality Granite Countertops

A question that may be simmering in your mind may be, what is a granite. Granite is primarily made up of mineral crystals like feldspar and quartz. They are very high quality. They are durable and last a long time. They are also maintenance free. It is essential you make your countertop’s protection a priority when they are outdoors since they are dealing with weather, extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, and also damage that may ensure due to the hurricanes.


We offer many design options that are bound to spark your unique style. Since granite is made up of crystals, the color may vary. This gives you the freedom to design based on your particular taste.


Who Are We?

Here at Jensen Interiors, we do everything, from floors to bath, to Kitchen cabinets in Orlando, we have what you need. We will assist you at every stage of the process. We start with planning in preconstruction and will be by your side keeping you updated until completion.


Jensen Interiors, Inc. takes pride in meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients, making sure the project is completed on time, on or below budget and they are truly satisfied with the results. Some of the many services we provide are design, construction estimating, countertops, cabinetry, granite, marble, quartz, and flooring. Our flooring includes wood, tile, marble, travertine, and more!  


Call or Visit Us Today!

At Jensen Interiors, we aim to keep our customers satisfied. We are experts who build outdoor kitchen countertops of all shapes and sizes. We are located in the heart of Orlando, Florida and look forward to creating a masterpiece that you and your family would be proud of. Our granite countertops Orlando experts are impressive and more than happy to help you decide if they are the right choice for you. Call us today, and we can get started on a brand new kitchen that you can impress your friends with.