We at Jensen Interiors Inc. understand how renovations and upgrading your kitchen interior can fluster you, so we decided to lend advisory that may be helpful in choosing a countertop installer. From deciding the colors you want for enhanced beautification of the kitchen, to the correct choices of materials that have long-lasting durability and maintenance feasibility, we assisting you in the best way for selecting slabs and cabinets.

What to Choose First at a Countertop Installer

A good countertop installer will be able to assist you with this first rule of selecting the right materials; always choose your granite before you decide for the cabinetry. The reason why you would want to get your granite first and then match the cabinetry to go with it is: Granite countertops Orlando are available in beautiful colors and patterns in its natural form, which are unchangeable and unique. The cabinets, on the contrary, can be painted or marbled (a painting technique to create texture and patterns) with different material used on it to get it to match with the granite.

Selecting the cabinets first and the slab second would be a greater challenge in finding its correct matching granite slab and needless to say time-consuming and money wasting too.

Granite and Cabinets Color Coordination

There are different ways you can use the color coordination between the granite and the cabinets.

One, you can get them to match exactly like the other or you can have a contrasting coordination between them. For instance, black granite with ash grey or maybe white cabinets for a classic monochromatic kitchen interior. Or two, you can go with high contrasts, pairing white granite with the beautiful hue of turquoise, giving your kitchen a very joyful vacation resort vibe.

But if you are a fan of perfect matchings then you would want to perhaps get your cabinets that go perfectly well with the granite, but if not you can always have it painted and stained to have the similar matching pattern and colors as the granite you chose.

Work with an Installer who has plenty to offer

The market may be full of countertop installers but you can choose for the best granite countertops Orlando, based on the variety of granite colors they have to offer you, as they say, variety is the spice of life! We value your time very much and wouldn’t want you to waste any of it but have all the options at one shop for you to select from.

Another important factor to look at while choosing the granite would be the size of the granite sample you are being shown. The bigger the sample size is, the better it would be to understand how it would look like in your kitchen. Another thing to keep in mind would be the kind of workmanship your supplier is known for, as to have a clear understanding of what you are getting yourself into and who you are dealing with.

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