Glass kitchen cabinet doors are a modern aesthetic that has become popular in many kitchens. It breaks away from the traditional look most kitchens hold and showcases a personal touch to your home. Having glass cabinet doors makes decorating for the holidays easier and more fun, with just a simple switch of décor. These glass cabinets also create the illusion of a bigger space and can also harness natural light. Jensen Interiors installs plenty of these kitchen cabinets in Orlando. Here are a few other ways you can utilize glass cabinet doors in your kitchen!

Glass Upper Cabinets

You do not have to get glass cabinet doors for all of your cabinets. In fact, a lot of homeowners have opted to add glass only in the upper cabinets. This simply breaks up the standard look to create a little décor in the kitchen. You can install just one glass panel or use them vicariously throughout your kitchen. If you have cabinet space to the ceiling, adding glass doors can help create interest. And it also helps you remember what all you have stored up there!

Utilize Decorative Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Decorative glass kitchen doors are a truly unique spectrum to add to your modern home design. It also protects the privacy of your cabinet contents without bearing that typical, dull look. Glass panels can come in an array of different forms, from frost panes to cracked panel looks. So, if you have a bit of a mess lurking behind those cabinet doors, or your dishes don’t match just right, you can hide them behind these decorative glass doors. This option is great way to add the modern luxury style in your kitchen without having to showcase your belongings.

Consider Glass Base Cabinets

At Jensen Interiors, we also suggest incorporating glass kitchen cabinet doors into your base storage. These work beautifully on kitchen island end caps. They are just out of the way so that they won’t become smudged or dirty by small children or pets, and they still help create that humble personal look. This would be a great place to store cookbooks, pottery, or special collectibles.

Create Window Cabinets

Window cabinets are a new, rare style not see in many homes today. It is a truly unique scenario where we can incorporate outdoor scenery on the back frame of your cabinets by adding in an additional glass cabinet. These two-sided glass cabinets enable natural lights and outdoor scenery to shine through your window panels. This is a great option if your kitchen doesn’t have a window or if your cabinets take up most of your kitchen’s wall. Homeowners who choose these kitchen cabinets in Orlando have the advantage of soaking in Florida’s abundant sunlight year-round. The effect is utterly gorgeous and will have your guests in awe.

If you are looking to incorporate this luxurious modern style into your home, contact Jenson Interiors! We have been installing kitchen cabinets in Orlando for years, and we can help you decide on the perfect layout for your new glass cabinet doors.