Granite countertops costs are impacted by a number of things, including color. As a retailer with the granite countertops Orlando residents love, Jensen Interiors, Inc. wants its customers to understand that the color of the granite countertop can affect its price for more than simple aesthetic purposes. If you are interested in learning more about granite countertops and why color can affect their cost, contact Jensen Interiors, Inc. or come into the store to speak with an expert about what options will work for you.


What Affects Granite Countertops Costs?


When you are selecting a granite countertop for your home, it all boils down to grade. The grade of your countertop is going to be what determines not only the cost of the slab but also the durability. That is, granite countertops that are a lower grade are typically limited in color as a result of the other materials mixed in to dilute the quantity of granite. The higher the grade, the fewer soft materials are mixed in with the granite and the more options you have with color.

As you move on to high end granite, you get the purest quality granite with the boldest, most unique colors. Thus, if you want a beautifully colored countertop that will also have durability beyond what you can regularly expect, then you need to select one that is a higher grade.

Color can also impact the cost in other ways. Certain colors of granite are actually tougher to cut than other colors which tend to be softer. There are also colors of granite that are more difficult to find than other types. Rarer colors are going to be more expensive than common colors in the same way that more difficult to cut colors are going to be more expensive than easier to cut colors.

How Do You Get the Granite Countertops Orlando Residents Recommend?


Granite countertops costs are going to be impacted by a number of things, but one of the most important ways that it is affected is how is it affected by where you purchase it. A high quality retailer is going to give you higher quality countertops than one that is untrustworthy and does not have the years of experience that other may have.

Jensen Interiors, Inc. in Orlando has the granite countertops Orlando residents trust, and we know that in order to keep our customers happy, we must offer the highest quality product possible. That is why we have a variety of granite countertop options that give customers an opportunity to select the one that will be perfect for their home and their budget.

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Jensen Interiors, Inc. is a business offering the granite countertops Orlando residents recommend and we have a wide selection that any one of our customers will enjoy. If you are interested in transforming your home with new granite countertops, contact us at Jensen Interiors, Inc. and see how we can help you find the right countertops for you.