Your counters are at the forefront of your kitchen. And once they wear down, it is extremely important to get replacement countertops to maintain not only the style of your kitchen, but its durability. You want your countertops to remain sturdy and dependable. Think about all of the meals you cook on that counter, the groceries you haul in, the times your kids sit on it to watch you cook. Maintaining stable kitchen counters not only ties in the aesthetic of your kitchen’s other elements, but it helps create a safe working environment for you and your family. If you are looking to replace your granite countertops in Orlando, Jensen Interiors is here to help you out! Before you give us a call, check out these six signs that you need to replace your countertops:

6. Your counters have burns or stains.

Burns or stain marks are typical damages for countertops. However, depending on the material your counter is made out of and how old it is, simply scrubbing at these may not do the job. If these stains become permanent, you should consider getting replacement countertops.

5. Replacement countertops for smoke or structural damage.

Floods and fires are natural occurrences that sometimes we just can’t prevent. And if either of these instances befalls on your home, you will more than likely be in need of complete replacement of your countertops. It can get pricey, but thankfully these types of damages are usually covered under your homeowner’s insurance.

4. It’s outdated.

So, you have a few stains on your countertops. You brush it off as no big deal, and you keep the same look over the next few years. But, as your friends start to buy their newer, modern homes, you will begin to realize that one key difference in aesthetic are the kitchen countertops. There is no shame in indulging in a facelift for your kitchen. A new granite countertop could be exactly what you need to make your home feel fresh and new.

3. Your countertops are cracked.

Low-end countertops tend to show their age more than others. It is a cheaper product that will begin to wear and tear as the years pass. They typically become cracked or eroding. This is a sign that your countertops need immediate replacing. It is the only viable option to sustain your kitchen workspace, and overall, it gives you an excuse to pick out a more modern, stable countertop.

2. You want to increase the value of your home

Kitchens are one of the major rooms home buyers consider when they are looking to purchase. They want to see that not only are the appliances updates, but that the countertops have not been worn down and that they aren’t out of date. If you are listing your home for sale, it would be beneficial for you to consider replacement countertops. It can help your home sell faster and can ultimately aide in your chances of listing your home at the price you want.

1. Your family is growing—so your kitchen needs to, too.

You may be renovating your home due to new additions to the family. Replacing countertops tends to be one small detail that gets overlooked. However, if you happen t be expanding your kitchen to be able to host all of your family members, you will want to also add or replace old countertops so that there is room for everyone here as well.

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